calm in the canopy

 Kompr.Calm in the Canopy STILLS 06


M, a well-off, middle-aged man, accidentally spots a suspicious-looking, dark-skinned young man at the airport. An exchange of glances and a few words sets into motion a gradually escalating series of events. Anonymous fear, stereotypes, and a pervasive sense of danger crawl into M’s lonesome life. In the whirl of the city, M progressively succumbs to the conviction that he has recognised the coming Evil, which needs to be confronted.

Director: Michal Hogenauer

Screenplay: Václav Kadrnka, Marek Šindelka

Producers: Simona Kadrnková, Václav Kadrnka

Co-producers: Katarína Krnáčová, Silverart (SK), Česká televize

Supported: Státní fond kinematografie, Audiovizuální fond

Distribution: HBO

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